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Frederic Beausoleil

​Frédéric Beausoleil is a 34-year old entrepreneur whose sensibility lead him to design and manufacture frames instead of selling them as an optician. Found of sculpture he was first attracted by acetate. This material offers a wide range of visual effects and colors that can be carved and twirled just as wood. Frédéric gets his inspiration from a broad artistic culture. His main specialization his African and Oceanian art, just like the surrealistic artists from the late 20's.

His charming temperament and his loyal sense of business has made Frederic a respected person in the Optical Industry. To illustrate Frederic's spirit we shall quote him:

"As a craftsman, I have always been interested in the aesthetic of the frames. Found of sculpture and primitive art, I found in zyl and metal an extraordinary source of inspiration. Associating my taste for the Object to my studies of its functions, I do my utmost to present since 1987, collections that distinguish themselves by their simplicity and elegance.

My second concerns is quality, either in our productions or in our relations with customers. That's the reason why all our frames are hand made in France and that we pay a close attention to our spare part service and to the respect of exclusivity we grant.

I will finally add that my only ambition is to continue making frames in limited series for the opticians that share my passion for this product and are willing to advance its concept".

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