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Lara D'

Lara D’ is passion for the eyewear


The Lara D ‘collection represents my way of being free and visionary.
I am an architect in love with severe, innovative industrial design.
The Lara D’ project grows with me, my aspirations and my experiences in the world. A long journey to discover glasses and the thousand ways to interpret them.


My glasses are whimsical, but never out of place. They have shapes that revisit the past, to create something never seen before. They are continuously evolving and use the latest, high quality materials and processes.


I like playing with colour and duo tones. I love making strong, but never extreme choices. As glasses are not just a fashion accessory, but an element of everyday life, they must match your personality, cultural context and habits. They must be original and wearable at all times.


The Lara D’ collections are recognised for this: they experiment with the concept of lightness, freeing colour and interpreting shapes, starting from materials and technology, which can push processing techniques beyond new boundaries.


Lara D’ glasses are made entirely in Italy, because they represent my culture, they speak the language of fashion and craftsmanship, they are linked to the territory where I grew up and where I trained. Right here, in the eyewear district, I am able to work with artisans’ workshops that welcome my projects, develop them together with me and transform them into a unique, customised, final product that is made in Italy.

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